Friday, May 28, 2010

Another Opportunity

A while back I found this Morrocan inspired metal plant stand. I passed up on it because I was broke and couldn't justify spending on an unnecessary item. A month or so passes and I am once again with spending cash, but the plant stand is no where. I checked all the stores in the area, and I found one, but it was white, and much more expensive than the one I had found initially. Then, yesterday, I found it again. Yay! And, at about $5 less! It matchs the other metals in my dining room and fills the empty corner space perfectly! I also scored another vintage find today, a singer desk chair for $1. I want to paint it this weekend and I will use it in Celeste's room so I have somewhere to sit and read to her each night. (the bigger she gets the harder it is for both of us to squeeze into her bed) -XO

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