Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hope this does it!

I made reorganizing and sort-of decorating my office my unofficial goal this weekend. I feel like I have been in a creative rut in this little studio I have, it was so chaotic I would think "yuck" and just want to leave. How can I relax and create in a space that is so blah? So I went through all my supplies, sorting out what I don't use into a drawer for Celeste to use at will. I also reorganized my scrap papers and embellishments. It is a lot easier to create when I can find stuff! I also put up some artwork that had just been stacked in my closet waiting for frames. They still need frames, but I need color on the walls and I can't afford to paint. Everything on the wall is either Celeste's or my own artwork. It also made me realize I need to paint more, not just scrap! All of these works of art were completed prior to 2006, and the lovely lady on the easel, she is over a decade old and still incomplete! Oh my, guess I better get to creating! So all told, I spent $4 to buy curtain rods and hang up these panels that were in my closet. Most important ly, I feel happy, and at ease in my little studio now, and can't wait to start some new projects!

As for the rest of my house, well, lets say thats my unofficial goal next weekend ; )----XO

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