Saturday, January 2, 2010

Finally some time to create

Yesterday, I finally got some time to do a couple of scrapbook pages. I love how the Summer Rain Layout turned out. I love how the colors play off her bathing suit so perfectly, but most of all I love the memories it evokes. Here in the desert, rain is a rarity, and a warm summer rain is utter delight. Nothing is as fun as dancing in the rain, and nothing cools you off in the middle of summer like just standing in the rain letting yourself get soaked. I remember absolutely loving this as a kid, and I am so happy Celeste got to experience it this past summer.

Lately Celeste has been throwing fits about "not looking cute" when she wears certain clothes. I thought it was funny she was so concerned about her appearance at such a young age. Then, this morning, I remembered how I was similar at her age. I used to wear certain clothes because they made me feel pretty, like I only liked socks with lace ruffles on them, or how I would only wear T-shirts with leggings. So, I've decided to smile, take pictures, and let her experiment. Unless we have somewhere nice to go, of course ;)-XO

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